New Climbers

Starting out can be a little daunting and confusing, whilst this website is aimed mostly at people who have some experience we welcome newbies - we were all once newbies.


What do I mean by “people who have experience”?


I'm not referring to what grade you climb!


What is important is an ability to belay. (Belaying is the term used to describe the act of holding the rope for your climbing partner enabling them to climb safely.


It is a simple thing to learn but it must be learnt) Clearly climbing is a potentially dangerous activity and as such it is important to have proper instruction on how to belay.

For this reason I always recommend that complete beginners first take at least an introductory lesson. This can of course be followed by a beginner’s course.


 If you are interested in climbing read on and if you do attend an event it is far better to let everyone know of your experience level than keep quiet.

Mountain Network Amsterdam runs professional and well organised courses for beginners as well as experienced climbers. These courses can be organised for both groups and individuals.

The gym has many facilities, professional instructors and a well stocked bar ;)

There are also many resources on the internet, there are some interesting YouTube clips. 

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