Any old rope in a good cause

If you have ANY old climbing rope, caribiners and or mallions then let me know!

Why? Well we have been contacted by an Animal Welfare Training Officer with the European Zoos and Aquariums Association, based in Artis Zoo.

They are trying to source some donations of old climbing rope, caribiners, mallions etc  for a welfare and enrichment workshop in Yerevan Zoo, Armenia. (Next up will be Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia throughout 2015 and beyond)

Check out this little clip on FaceBook

Part of the workshop will be teaching the zoo staff about animal enrichment and how this improves the animals’ welfare, the participants will spend time making enrichment items for their animals.

The rope can be old rope which you no longer need and it will make fantastic climbing nets for primates, can be used to hang feeding barrels for herbivores etc etc.

If you have anything spare LET ME KNOW. They are based in Artis so I plan to collect what you have and drop it off to them.

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