This is by far my favourite topic, if anyone needs any advice or just wants to talk about gear then let me know, I’m more than happy to discuss gear (of all shapes and sizes) all day every day. J


On these pages you can find specific links to gear that is suggested, recommended or discussed on the Amber website. It’s a work in progress so check pack from tiem to tiem to see what’s new


Where possible I have negotiated a discount for Amber members. To use these discounts you will need to specify that you are a member of the Amsterdam Climbers somewhere in the order.


As some of you know I personally have to pay to keep this site up and running. To try and offset some of this personal cost to me I will receive a commission for each order placed at the Bergsportshop


If you do make use of these discounts then please let me know.



 The BergSportShop has some of the cheapest prices around. check it out for yourself. Make it your first port of call when buying new gear.




If you get your gear from the Mountain Network Amsterdam you can get a 15% discount on the non-discounted stock. They don’t have a webshop but if you tell them you’re a member of the Amber Network they’ll give you the discount. This offer is exclusive to members of the amber Network, so please don’t abuse it.



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